Ukrainian scientific-methodical seminar (with international participation) "New educational technology in teaching languages to foreign students"

On February 16, 2017 year, the seminar, held in Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, was attended by nearly 100 participants not only from Kharkiv, but also from a number of other cities in Ukraine with the international participation of contributors from Belarus, also experts in teaching foreign students.

Discussion at the workshop took place during the plenary session and discussion platforms. 

The purpose of the seminar was to exchange experience of applying new educational technologies in teaching foreign students, to discus current issues and prospects of these technologies and techniques, and to attract them to the classroom and distance training of foreign students in higher education.

Foreign students training is one of the urgent problems of modern education, because in some way creates international image of our country and demonstrates its achievements in the educational market. The realities of modern educational process necessitate involvement of the new educational resources and technologies that would ensure successful mastering foreign languages and improve the quality of training foreign students to deepen relations in the globalized international community.

The question of optimizing educational process for foreign citizens requires the joint efforts of the department staff engaged in training foreign students.

The main directions of scientific and technical work in this area are:

• improving the system of language training that should be based on the involvement of new methods and technologies in accordance with international standards of quality of education;

• continuous improvement of educational technology in language teaching, the development and introduction of innovative computer technologies, creating modern software for language training and increasing students’ motivation in learning. 

So as you can see, despite the social and economic difficulties, scientific community continues to work on current issues, and a close circle of teachers of Russian and Ukrainian as foreign is no exception. Supporting traditional teaching methods, we are willing and open to learning and introduction of latest teaching technologies in educational process to make it truly effective, interesting and modern.