Educational and Methodological work

For successful study of foreign students at the Department:

1.     A staff of highly qualified teachers is created, who have a thorough knowledge of teaching methods for foreign students.

2.     Traditional training complexes in the following disciplines are developed and applied:

-   introduction to the discipline (for early introduction of disciplines on 5th-9th week of study);

-   tutorial;

-   collection of tasks (tasks and exercises);

-   laboratory practical training;

-   workbook;

-   glossary of terms;

-   diagnostic tools (entrance tests, collections of tasks for current, module (cycle) and final controls, materials for tests and exams).

3.     Information technologies and multimedia tools are introduced with the creation and development of:

-   computer presentations;

-   slide and video demonstrations (adaptive series for lectures, workshops and seminars);

-   interactive language simulators;

-   virtual interactive laboratory works;

-             computer training and control programs;

distance courses;    

Computer tests

Distance courses 

Language simulators 

Tasks in Hot Potato 

Training complexes


Interactive laboratory works

Video presentations