Staff of international department :

                                                       Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University



Tokhtar Georgiy

Vice-rector for pedagogical affairs and international relations

Kryatenko Iryna Marketer



Control of the learning process of foreign students,

quality control of education.




   Byla Karyna



Department of International Education:


Head of the Department of International Education
Lyushen Natalia Mykolayivna
Lyushen Natalia Mykolayivna
Carries out office work, prepares and issues certificates, including in English and French for foreign embassies.


Borodyna Natalya Vitalievna

Acceptance of documents and registration of foreign students - entrants, registration of contracts, agreements, orders.


Software engineer
Trunova Tamara Vladimirovna

Control over foreign citizens' compliance with the passport and visa regime and tuition fees.


Galkyna Natalya Grygoryvna

Administrator of EDEBO base, AIST university base.


Category II engineer


Fisun Stanislav Sergeevich






     Riabikov Volodymyr

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25 Yaroslava  Mudrogo Str., Kharkiv,


Vice-rector in academic affairs and international relations:
Tokhtar G.I.
Tel./fax: +380577003855
Mobile: 0677558151




Head of International Affairs Department
103 aud.
Department for foreign students
tel: (+ 38 057)707-36-63










Head of the Department of International Education

aud. 211,

tel: 057-707-36-77






Passport and visa service

aud. 209,

tel: 057-707-36-86