An international scientific and practical conference of foreign students «The Language Personality and Culture in the Modern Information Space»

On April 4, 2019, an international scientific and practical conference of foreign students «The Language Personality and Culture in the Modern Information Space» was held. This year the Internet has become the main topic of the conference. We live in the modern world of rapid development of digital technologies and the incredible flow of information through the Internet. Modern youth, students belonging to the so called Z generation, were born in a digital age, so they do not imagine life without internet and gadgets. Interesting is the fact that the date of the conference coincided with the date of the International Day of the Internet: 4.04 reminds of the 404 error (page not found), which is the most common mistake in the site on the Internet. This was described in the introductory words by the chief of the Department of Philology and Linguodidactics, L.S.Bezkorovayna. She also noticed that the Internet provides many opportunities for a person, but for the modern Internet user it is important to develop critical thinking in working with information and use an open global network for lifelong learning.

The vise-rector of the university G.I. Tokhtar spoke with a welcoming speech as well as the deputyhead of the preparatory department V. M. Kudryavtsev, who emphasized that in the context of the transition to a global digital society for each person, first and foremost, the formation of life skills of information and media literacy is absolutely necessary and all this is especially important for students.

The chosen topic of the conference turned out to be very relevant and interesting for students. This is confirmed by the topics of the reports presented by foreign students. So, speaking about the necessity of using the latest computer technologies in professional activity, the students Tenkang Mbogning Fred Arol from Cameroon and Ulmbayar Tselmeg from Mongolia (scientific supervisor, Associate Professor Bezkorovoyna L.S.) presented at the plenary session the report «Bridges: Innovative and Traditional Technologies in construction». The media visualization of the report made it vivid and informative. A new information for many listeners about Chinese national Internet services and programs was presented in a report by students Zen Landi and Xu Shengh, «Internet features in China» (scientific supervisor, senior lecturer Popova A.I.). The Internet is a unique tool for broad and accessible foreign language learning. The student Ning Saga Sorel from Cameroon (scientific supervisor, associate professor Olena Shtylenko) told about the possibility of using educational resources for studying the Russian language in his report «Using Internet resources for language learning».

The world is changing rapidly, and the language reflects these changes. This was discussed at the meeting of the section «Development of the information in the information field» (chairman – assistant professor Opryshko N.O., secretary – Senior lecturer Dotsenko T.G.).

In the section «Human culture in the globalinformation space» (chairman – assistant professor Bezkorovayna L.S., secretary – Senior lecturer Popova A.I.) the problems of Internet influence on modern people, history of creation of Internet resources of Google, Facebook, Youtube were discussed as well as opportunities for interaction and communication between representatives of different cultures in the global network of the world.

The reports were prepared by the students from Morocco, China, Mongolia, Côte d'Ivoire, Turkmenistan, Senegal, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan. Foreign students from other universities of Kharkiv also took part, among whom were the representatives of V.N. Karazin National University and National University of Radio Electronics. All participants of the conference received diplomas «For active participation in the conference».

Teachers of the Department of Philology and Linguistics –scientific supervisors of foreign students who only start to learn Russian as the second language and make the first steps in research work, noted that the conference for foreign students isa very productive environment of socialization and consolidation, a means of obtaining new knowledge and a way to enhance personal self-esteem, which, of course, reflects the pragmatic result of learning the language. Training is a combination of traditions and innovations. This was demonstrated brightly and confidently by students at the conference. Well done!

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