In Kharkov traditionally a conference autumn began with Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University. There the conference "Problems and prospects of international studentstraining" was organized and took place at Foreign CitizensTraining Department on October 11, 2018.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the current issues and prospects of developing methodology ofinternational students’language training, to exchange experience in applying of various teaching technologies, as well as attracting students to traditional and distance learning in higher education institutions.

Participants from Ukraine, as well as from FSU and other foreign countries listened to the reports and took part in the discussion of speeches in the following areas:

• Lingudidactics and methods of teaching Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​as second languages;

• Educational process: traditional and innovative technologies and techniques of teaching international students;

• Psychological and pedagogical bases of the educational processorganization: issues of internationalstudents’adaptation and integration in the educational space of universities;

• Teaching human and special sciences in the second language.

All the materials heard at the conference prove that teachers work actively on expanding traditional methods and developing and involving pedagogical technologies in the educational process at preparatory departments and departments of training international citizens in Ukraine and other countries.

Due to rapidly changing techniques and practices of teaching second languages, as well as due to the continuous growth of technical capabilities there is a constant necessity to form the methodology of language training in such a way that it meets the requirements of the modern market of educational services and to satisfyall participants’ needs during the educational process. Therefore, the usage of the latest pedagogical technologies in international students’ language training becomes a prior task of the scientific and pedagogical personnel of the preparatory departments.

The issues of optimizing the educational process for international students in the constantly changing and improvingworld require the combined efforts of the personnel of the departments involved in the preparation of international students. And the traditional autumn conference in KhNADU showed that a friendly community of Russian as a second language teachers works on this issuehard and fruitfully.