International Scientific and Methodological Seminar at KhNAHU: “Modern technologies in teaching languages to foreign students”

At the end of winter, at the Department of Philology and Linguodidactics of KhNAHU, it became a good tradition to gather colleagues, interestedresearches, and just old friends to discuss important issues of language training of foreign students. Of course, we are talking about the annual international scientific and methodological seminar "Modern technologies in teaching languages to foreign students", which this time took place on February, 28 – March, 1, 2019 in Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

This seminar, already the fourth one, brought togetherall those interested in modern trends in teaching USL/RSL. As the format of the international scientific event suggests, over 100 guests from seven countries: Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation, Turkey and Morocco, China, France and the United States of America– participated in the seminar. The work of the seminar attracted teachers from various higher educational establishments from Kharkiv and Kyiv, Zaporizhia and Odesa, and also on-line we were joined by colleagues from Vinnitsia, Dniepro, Kryvyi Rig, Sumy and Kherson. And all in order to share the latest developments in the field of language training using multimedia and Internet technologies, mobile applications and blended learning principles.

During the workshops and discussion platforms, the participants received information on the basics of using multimedia and blogging in didactics, learned about the resources that offer working with the SMARTboardcapabilities in unequipped rooms, and participated in an integrated RSL class using the Google-classroom app, as well as familiarized with a wide range of multimedia programs developed by teachers of the Department of Philology and Linguodidactics of KhNAHU for teaching Russian language toforeign students at the preparatory stage of learning. According to the results of the seminar, its proceedingshave been released, and videos of the authors of workshops have been posted on our official YouTube channel.

The seminar in 2019 was fruitful and completed successfully, and that means only one thing: it's high time to start preparing for the next seminar, because there is so much new, unexplored and unused yet in the teaching process!

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