International scientific-methodical seminar "The newest technologies in teaching languages to foreign students"

Traditionally, in the middle of February (15-16, 02.2018), the International Scientific and Methodological Seminar "The Latest Technologies in Teaching Languages ​​to Foreign Students" was organized by the Philology Department of the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

The presentations of the seminar participants were included in the plenary session and in the work of the discussion platforms. In contrast to previous years, in addition to traditional reports or messages in the format of an ordinary conference, a series of master classes on topical issues of the methodology of teaching languages ​​to foreign students using the latest author's developments and technologies were held.

The aim of the seminar was to exchange experience in using the latest pedagogical technologies in the language training of foreign students, discuss topical issues and prospects for the development of these methods, as well as their application to the classroom, and distance learning of foreign students at the initial and basic stages of education.

The seminar was held, among other things, to expand scientific and methodological links, exchange of information and knowledge between scientists and specialists of this field in Ukraine and other countries in the following areas:

- Usage of multimedia technologies in the language training of students;

- Integrated approach to the organization of lessons in Russian as Foreign / Ukrainian as Foreign;

- Distance and mixed forms of teaching foreign languages.

Of course, at the present stage in the development of mankind, the language training of foreign students is one of the most urgent issues in the field of education, because it definitely shapes the international image of our country and demonstrates its advantages in the international market of educational services. The realities of the modern educational process make it necessary to involve new pedagogical resources and technologies into this sphere, which would become the key to successful mastering of the language, and also improve the quality of professional training of foreign citizens in order to deepen ties in the globalization of the international community.

Today, when the methods and practices of teaching foreign languages ​​are constantly being updated, and also because of the uncontrollable development of technical capabilities, there is a general need to build a methodology for teaching foreign languages ​​to students so that it meets the requirements of the modern educational services market and meets the needs of all participants in the educational process. Therefore, the use of the latest pedagogical technologies in language training becomes the primary task of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the preparatory faculties and departments of local universities.

The issues of optimizing the educational process for foreign citizens in an ever changing and improving world require the uniting of the efforts of the faculties of the departments that are engaged in teaching foreigners. And the seminar, held at the Department of Philology of KhNAHU, was an important brick in this difficult matter.