Interuniversity Interdisciplinary scientific seminar "Application of multimedia technologies in educational process"

The usage of multimedia technology in the teaching process at the preparatory departments of Ukraine opens great opportunities to foreign students who study Russian and Ukrainian ​​and other subjects with the help of these languages.

However, there still is a significant shortage of software, which is usually called a digital resource, or computer teaching materials.

It was this software, in fact, new presentations for interactive whiteboard (SMARTboard) that was shown to teachers and professors of leading universities of Kharkiv, who gathered on February 18, 2016 at the scientific seminar in Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

The speakers with senior lecturer in philology Valery Taranenko and assistant professor of natural sciences and humanities Tatiana Shmonina among them told about different possibilities in using such interactive materials.

Authors who are actually teachers in the Department of Philology and the Department of Science and Humanities in KHNAHU create multimedia presentations, eager to prove that for a professional, creative approach to the educational process is not only the result of learning, but it also depends on foreign students’ keen interest, motivation to learning of a language and other special subjects.