History of the department from its foundation to the present

In order to prepare foreign students for language training at the Soviet Union Defense Academy in 1974, a section of the Russian for Foreigners was established at Kharkiv Automobile and Highway Institute at the Department of Foreign Languages, which in 1977 was expanded to the Department with Associate Professor N.M. Amstyslavskoi as a head. The first teachers-founders of the Department of Russian for Foreigners were N.M. Amstyslavska, N.F. Poliakova, L.I. Fetisova, T.V. Pedan.

Since September 1, 2012, the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Language Training has been restructured, resulting in two independent Departments: 1) Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Training; 2) Language Training. The updated Department of Language Training, which is headed by Ph.D. (Education), Associate Professor N.S. Morhunova, has directed its efforts to optimization and stimulation of the training process, intensification of educational and curatorial work. The teachers of the Department systematically increase the level of scientific and pedagogical training, introduce innovative teaching technologies, use international banks of information via the Internet.