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Sunday, 21-04-2019

Texas A&M University-Commerce students

Texas A&M University-Commerce students in KhNAHU

     Over a period of time from 18 May to 1 June 2017, the Faculty for Foreign Citizens Training of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (KhNAHU) hosted the delegation of Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC). The delegation consisted of American students, the head of delegation Prof. Robert G. Rodriguez and his assistant.

     The universities of KhNAHU (Ukraine) and TAMUC (USA) signed the Memorandum of Understanding that includes cooperation in the educational, scientific and cultural fields. Within the framework of the Memorandum, the universities plan student exchange, study abroad programs for students, potential faculty and staff exchange opportunities, joint development of collaborative research programs in fields of mutual interest, development of joint seminars, workshops, lectures, training and academic meetings, explore the possibility of developing cultural experience courses for both TAMUC and KhNAHU students.

     In accordance with the Programme of the visit, the American students had a language course, they took part in the American-Ukrainian Round Table, familiarized themselves with the culture and traditions of Ukraine and went sightseeing round Kharkiv. The Philology Department Seniour teachers Opryshko N.A. and Popova A.I. perfectly fulfilled intensive language instructions and deserved brilliant comments from their students.

     During the closing meeting, Pro-Rector, Prof. Tokhtar G.I. and the head of the delegation Prof. Robert G. Rodriguez emphasized perfect organization of the visit by both parties and expressed their hope that cooperation will continue. The Dean of Faculty Storchak O.G. expressed his gratitude to the guests for a great contribution into the development of relationships between the universities and called for further joint cooperation. The students of Texas A&M University-Commerce and the teachers of the KhNAHU said very warm words about their joint meetings, planned their future cooperation. The meeting, as well as the visit of the American delegation, was held in a very friendly and kind atmosphere. The main aim of the visit to strengthen relations, friendship and mutual understanding between Ukrainian and American students is achieved.

New Year Concert

For the faculty of foreign citizens' education, KhNAHU,the current year is very unusual because the first concert, the traditional acquaintance of the students at the preparatory department with the teachers, the faculty authorities and the university, was combined with the New Year's holiday, creating a truly explosive mix of celebration and fervor, vivacity and talent, fun and the excitement that is so common to foreign students during the first year of their studies in Ukraine.

The concert took place on December 20th, with New Year and Christmas preparations in full swing, and this time united and introduced not only the group of foreigners studying at the preparatory department of the faculty, but also their fellow students, the students of the basic faculties of KHNAHU, and their teachers...

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