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Sunday, 19-05-2019

New Year Concert

For the faculty of foreign citizens' education, KhNAHU,the current year is very unusual because the first concert, the traditional acquaintance of the students at the preparatory department with the teachers, the faculty authorities and the university, was combined with the New Year's holiday, creating a truly explosive mix of celebration and fervor, vivacity and talent, fun and the excitement that is so common to foreign students during the first year of their studies in Ukraine.

The concert took place on December 20th, with New Year and Christmas preparations in full swing, and this time united and introduced not only the group of foreigners studying at the preparatory department of the faculty, but also their fellow students, the students of the basic faculties of KHNAHU, and their teachers.

As noted in their speeches, Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work and international relations prof. Mr. G.Tohtar and the dean of faculty, Mr. V.Kudryavtsev said that  such an interesting holiday not only introduced our students to each other, but will also be the basis for further friendship and cooperation

The head of the dept. of philology and linguodidactics, Mrs. L.Bezrovayna, congratulated all those present with the holidays, even presented a part of an interactive lesson with students, tangent to the theme of the event. Under her experienced guidance, students of all levels – both those who began studying in September, and those who just came to Kharkiv and managed to study only the alphabet and some general phrases, were happy to answer questions, continued the lines, were singing and applaudingin chorus, each feeling like a part of one whole body– our Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

By the way, that is the meaning of our traditional concert, and more broadly, the basis, the essence of the work of a teacher of Ukrainian or Russian as the second language: to make it clear to foreign students that each of them is not just a desirable guest in Ukraine. That each of them becomes a part of the KHNAHU family, an important member of the family circle. And it's also nice when students understand this, when gratitude and love are seen in their eyes, in their smile, in every sincere word of greetings and wishes.

And in fact, it does not matter that these boys and girls who have just started their studies in Ukraine, do not know much about our holidays, customs and traditions. After all, every person, anyone anywhere on the planet, wishes himself – and everybody around – one and the same: happiness and love, the achievement of success and goodness, peace and sunny skies, transparent, clean, cloudless – forever.