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Sunday, 19-05-2019

Faculty of Transport Systems in KhNAHU: Opportunities and prospects for students

All faculties of the Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University can offer the future student a whole range of interesting and demanded specialties. But if Ukrainian graduates have many opportunities to learn this information, it is difficult for the foreign listeners, even those who study at the preparatory department of KhNAHU, but does not fully know Russian and Ukrainian, to make the right choice and decide on the future profession. Therefore, we should conduct special work with foreign students, tell them about the opportunities our university offers in higher education.

Thus, at the beginning of May, a lecture-presentation on the topic "Logistics as a promising profession" was held at the preparation faculty for foreign citizens. Ph.D. D.M.Kopytkov, associate professor of the Department of Transport Technologies at the Faculty of Transport Systems, spoke about the education that can be obtained at his faculty, about the diploma they give and the prospects opened for young specialists who’s graduated from the Faculty of Transport Systems on the specialty "Logistics". Foreign listeners, students of engineering and technical groups, listened with interest about this topical in the modern world and a fairly profitable profession. Those students who have already decided to get higher education in our university, were actively interested in what they heard, asked additional questions and asked for information about the faculty and specialties in Russian or English. Those who have yet to decide on the future place of study paid special attention to KhNAHU.

We hope that henceforth similar lectures will become a good tradition at the faculty of foreign citizens, and the employees of KhNAHU, representatives of both the FTS and other faculties, will be happy to share information about their specialties, thus attracting new entrants from different countries.