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Sunday, 19-05-2019

The Day of the Department in the students’ hostel

Vice-Rector G.I. Tohktar is showing foreign students how to accept traditional “bread and salt”
Interesting experiment in chemistry is being carried out

Students’ life

     The teachers of the department spend most of their time for classroom and extramural work with foreign students.

     Students’ upbringing is connected with organization of events aimed at:

  • improving the quality of education (students’ scientific conferences, contests, Olympiads);
  • increasing motivation for studies (Days of Department in the hostel, quizes, “Intellect-shows”);
  • reducing difficulties of adaptive nature (sport competitions, cultural events, foreign students’ national holidays);
  • improvement academic performance and discipline (module and rating system, supervisory control, attendance and duty in the hostel);
  • jccupational guidance (excursions to the departments and laboratories of the University, to other universities, museums, exhibitions).