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Sunday, 19-05-2019


     Over the recent years the teachers of the Department have defended the following dissertation works for seeking the degree of Candidate of Science (PhD):

     Basova A.O. (2012) “Social guardianship in Kharkov (1919–1934)” in the specialty “History of Ukraine”.



           Svistunov O.Yu. (2009) “Model experiment as a means of formation of scientific concepts with the senior high school students in the process of learning electrodynamics” in the specialty “Theory and methods of teaching” (physics).



Scientific work

     The core of the budget scientific research of the department is made from works in the sphere of didactics of general fundamental disciplines which are taught to foreign students. Along with it the research in the field of science is carried out. Management of the students’ scientific work is also regarded as a priority direction of the department’s activities.