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Sunday, 19-05-2019

Methodical work

To solve educational tasks at the department:

1.  The staff of highly qualified teachers who know perfectly well the methods of           teaching disciplines to the foreign students is formed.2.   The methodic seminar of the department works systematically.3.   The traditional teaching complexes in disciplines are being developed. They             include:

  • ·       Introduction to the discipline (for early introduction of the discipline during the 5–9 weeks of studying);
  • ·       Student’s book;
  • ·       Collection of problems (tasks and exercises);
  • ·       Laboratory course;
  • ·       Work-book;
  • ·       Vocabulary;
  • ·       Diagnostic aids (entrance tests, collection of tasks for intermediate, module (cyclic) and final control, materials for tests and exams).

4.     Information technologies and multimedia tools are being introduced to develop:

  • ·       Computer presentation;
  • ·       Slide and video demonstration (adaptive rows for lectures, practical hours and seminars);
  • ·       Interactive language equipment;
  • ·       Virtual interactive laboratory works;
  • ·       Educational and controlling computer programs;
  • ·       On-line courses.

      Implementation of the concept of educational and methodic development of the department ensures the stable increasing of efficiency and improving quality of foreign students’ training.