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Sunday, 19-05-2019

History of the Department

        The department of Science and Humanities was established on October 1, 2005 together with the Faculty of Foreign Students’ Training.

         First the department was headed by Egorenkov Volodymir Dmitriyevich, Dc. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor.

        In 2006 Kulik Oleksandr Petrovych, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Associate Professor was appointed the Head of the Department.

        Since 2012 the Department has been headed by Nikitina Tetyana Borysivna, Head of the Department, Doctor Sc., Prof..

         At the moment of its foundation the core of the department was made up from the teachers with wide experience of educational, methodical and scientific work, including those who had a vast experience of teaching foreign students both in Ukraine and abroad.

         In the process of the department development, perfecting forms and methods of preparing foreign students with the use of innovative information technologies it has been joined by young and perspective teachers.