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Sunday, 19-05-2019

Educational work

The priority task of the department is the ensuring of the educational process by the direction “Preparing foreign citizens for entering higher educational schools of Ukraine”.

The educational process is realized in such specialties as:

  • ·       engineering and technical, engineering and economic;
  • ·       health protection, biological, physical training, agricultural;
  • ·       humanitarian;
  • ·       economic.

The training of foreign students lasts 1 year.

At the Department the following subjects are taught:

  • ·       Mathematics;
  • ·       Physics;
  • ·       Chemistry;
  • ·       Biology;
  • ·       Basics of Computer Science;
  • ·       Draftsmanship;
  • ·       Country study;
  • ·       Economic and Social Geography of the World;
  • ·       Basics of Economics;
  • ·       History;
  • ·       Drawing; painting and basics of composition.

    The results of the educational work is the formation of the foreign students’ communicative and general professional competences necessary for further studies at higher educational establishments of Ukraine.