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Sunday, 19-05-2019

History of the Department

The Division of Russian as a Foreign Language was created in 1974 in Kharkov Automobile and Highway Institute at the Department of Foreign Languages. Its purpose was to provide language training for foreign students who were going to study in the universities of the Soviet Union. In 1977 this Division was expanded and became the Department of the Institute headed by Associate Professor N.M.Amstyslavska. The first lecturers and the founders of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language were N.M. Amstyslavska, N.F.Polyakova, L.I.Fetisova, T.V. Pedan. Starting with 1978 the Department was headed by A.Ye. Yurkovska. Within 8 years she managed to create a capable and creative team of fellow-thinkers who were performing various activities aimed at training and education of foreign citizens. More than 2,000 foreigners from 56 countries received language training at this Department. The teaching staff of the Department carried out their educational work skillfully, properly and faithfully. The world of the lecturers of the Department was not limited by auditorium classes, but they also performed a variety of educational activities: interesting theme parties, competitions, tours. Until 1990 the lecturers of the Department had been teaching Russian as a Foreign Language in different countries of the world. Since 1979 such lecturers were on their long-term business trips: Associate Professor T.V. Pedan, Senior Lecturers L.Ye. Solodova, V.V. Rubtsova, V.Yu. Sivinskiy – in Afghanistan, Associate Professors L.S. Bezkorovayna and T.G. Kopytkova – in Cuba, Associate Professor Yu.G. Yasnytskiy – in Sudan, Associate Professor V.V.Bondarenko – in Poland. In 1986 the Department was headed by Associate Professor T.V. Pedan who managed not only to preserve the staff of the Department, but also took the initiative to introduce such humanitarian courses as “Culture of Communication", "Principles of Pedagogy and Psychology" and other courses aimed at forming and developing the outlook of domestic students into the educational process in KhADI. Over the years, the expansion of research topics and methodical work of the Department in the sphere of psychology and pedagogy led to the change of its name. In 1994, the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language became the Department of Philology and Pedagogy. In that time nine specialists defended their Ph.D.dissertations devoted to the issues of pedagogy and philology: N.M. Amstyslavska, N.F. Polyakova, Yu.G. Yasnytskiy, V.G. Demyanova, L.S.Bezkorovayna, T.G. Kopytkova, O.A. Rezvan, V.O. Chepurna, N.S. Morgunova. The Department of Philology and Pedagogy of KhDADTU was the first in Ukraine who began to use computer technologies for teaching a non-native language to foreign students. This methodological branch of research was headed by Associate Professor Yu.G. Yasnytskiy who developed the fundamentals of the computer language technique and created a set of computer training programs. These programs were presented at regional and interuniversity competitions where they gained many prizes. The lecturers of the Department taught Russian language to foreign students of the basic facultіes of KhADI, as well as postgraduate students and trainees. The best final year students could receive pedagogical training in the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language. After finishing a special course the students received certificates that gave them the right to teach Russian as a Foreign Language at home. Thus, students had the opportunity to get an additional (teaching) profession in a technical university. In 2003 a new specialty "Professional Education" in the field "Pedagogical Education" was introduced at Automobile Faculty. The Department of Philology and Pedagogy became actively involved in the process of training students in psychology and educational sciences. In connection with the introduction of pre-university training for foreign citizens, the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training was created in KhNADU (2005). This allowed creating a number of autonomous structural units which also included the Department of Pedagogy and Language Training. In 2007, the name of the Department was modified – the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Language Training. From 2004 to 2012 the Department was headed by: Doctor of Pedagogic Science, Professor V.M. Grinyova; Doctor of Pedagogic Science, Associate Professor V.M. Oleksenko; Cand. of Sc. (Pedagogy), Associate Professor V.V. Bondarenko. At that period the methodical principles of training engineers were worked out, teachers, young lecturers’ scientific work was stimulated, the scientific schools of pedagogy and psychology were established. In order to improve the pedagogical skills of engineers-lecturers of KhNADU, at the Faculty of advanced professional training a master class was introduced for young university lecturers. During the specified period the creation of the Department’s library stock was initiated. On September 1, 2012 the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Language Training was restructured, as a result two independent departments appeared: 1) Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education; 2) Language Training. The Department is now headed by Nadia Sergiivna Morgunova, Associate Professor, Cand. of Sc. (Psychology). The newly-created Language Training Department fostered its efforts to the optimization and intensification of the educational process, stimulation of the educational and curatorial work. The lecturers of the Department systematically raise their scientific and pedagogical level, implement innovative learning technologies (multimedia lectures, computer software packages, and computerized academic performance control), and use international data banks via the Internet.

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